ICPRD Member Secretary Dr.Nandini Azad presented a paper on ‘Gender Integration in Co-operatives’ at the ICA-AP Women’s Committee Meeting at Kobe, Japan in March, 2017. (The Japanese translation of it is reflected here).
ICPRD Member Secretary contributed to the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) Publication to commemorate its 30th anniversary in 2016.
She was made the ‘Special Invitee on Gender Diversity’ to the IRU Board in the XIII General Body Meeting of the International Raiffeisen Union (IRU), Switzerland in September 2016.
A monograph titled ‘Innovative Governance Mechanisms for Women’s Safety and Security – Engaging Men and Boys Against Gender Based Violence’ was released in July 2016.
ICPRD presented its pioneering study on 'Gender in Cooperatives in Asia and the Pacific’ in a conference organized by The International Cooperative Alliance, Philippines in February 2016.
ICPRD Member Secretary was invited by the Government of India ‘NITI Aayog’ to present a Gender Strategy Paper for Poverty Reduction to the National Taskforce on Poverty Reduction, May, 2015.
ICPRD case study, ‘Combating Agriculture Distress through High Impact Strategies with New Actors’ was presented at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and European Union in 2015.
ICPRD Member Secretary chaired the plenary session of the Indian Ocean Rim Association organized workshop, ‘Promoting Financial Inclusion for Economic Development in IORA Region’, Bangladesh in April 2015.
ICPRD Member Secretary chaired the session on ‘The Role of Women and Youth in Cooperatives’ organized by the National Cooperative Union of India, New Delhi in June 2013.
The National Television Channel, Doordarshan prepared a 15-minute feature film on the ‘Youth Forums’ project, entitled “SochBadalRahiHai” or “Changing Perceptions”. The film was telecast on the national network in January 2013. Youth Forums’ representatives visited ICPRD New Delhi office in January 2013.

The UNDP Resident Coordinator in India had a meeting with NGOs in ICPRD office on government livelihood programs for poor, women and tribals in Naxalite districts.

ICPRD provided Basic Orientation Program (BOP) training for the officials of Godda district in the state of Jharkhand. As a consultant trainer ICPRD provided training on livelihood credit skills and capacity building to 4,200 poor and tribal women.
ICPRD Member Secretary gave special address on ‘Sustainable Development in South Asia – Women driving Change in SAARC’ in SAARC Inter-Country Workshop, New Delhi in November 2012.
ICPRD presented a paper on ‘Harmonizing Inclusion with Growth: Lessons from Multi-stakeholders in Agriculture and Food Security’ at the UNESCAP High Level Policy Dialogue on Regional Cooperation and Inclusive Development in South and South-West Asia, New Delhi in October 2012.
ICPRD was represented on the panels on ‘How can financial inclusion programs help the struggle against social problems such as begging, child labor, prostitution, violence against women and drug addiction’ and ‘How can Microfinance Contribute to Restoring Dignity and Transforming Lives in Urban Slums’ at the Global Microcredit Summit in Spain in November 2011.
ICPRD Member Secretary presented ICPRD case study, ‘Combating Agriculture Distress through High Impact Strategies with New Actors’ at International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD), Italy in November, 2011.

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